The Spring GiveOrcas Campaign is starting to roll. The application is posted on our website and Grants Manager, Ed Andrews is at the ready to answer any questions.

This is our 10th year running the GiveOrcas campaigns. What a remarkable journey it has been. In 2013, we had 27 applicants and raised $124,000 from 56 donors. This past year, we had 27 applicants and raised $374,000 from 669 donors. Wowza! What remarkable support from so many neighbors. 

The grant awards have grown over the years as well. Initially we capped the requests at $5,000. That has been raised to $25,000. These awards provide essential support to many programs serving the community, from food, to arts, to housing, and more. Stop by any nonprofit on the island and they can point out the opportunities provided by a GiveOrcas grant. You can check out a comprehensive list of past grants here.

OICF continues to support the process fully, taking no administrative fees from donations. We even pay the credit card fees, so 100% of your gift goes to the organizations you support. It is community philanthropy at its best!

I am heading off island for a vacation in Mexico with family. Ed and Molly are at the ready to help you in my absence. Looking forward to seed planting weather upon my return!

Hoping you feel well loved this Valentine’s Day and every day.