Orcas Center Vaccine Clinic Team

This week, the County Health Department officially stepped down the volunteer crews that have supported the mass vaccination clinics, marking a shift in their Covid response. They will continue to provide vaccinations at the County Health offices on each island, as well Ray’s Pharmacy, so anyone still in need can get a shot. 

Thank you to the County staff, volunteers, and organizations such as the Orcas Center for all they contributed to making these clinics possible. Their efforts were highly successful, providing access to vaccines for thousands of community members and keeping San Juan County as healthy as possible throughout the pandemic. Truly an amazing accomplishment.  

Similarly, the Community Emergency Response effort has slowed down.  OICF is working with Minor Lile to document the community response and will publish a report later this spring. We have also established a task force to review these efforts going forward and make recommendations for future responses.  Thank you to the hundreds of donors who contributed and to the nonprofits who stepped up to meet the needs for so many neighbors during the past two years.  Your support made all the difference.

Several of you have reached out concerning the war in Ukraine this week. Here is a link to relief funds that are recommended by the Council on Foundations.  

May peace prevail.