Seasonal Swings

I heard from Patricia Benton, chair of the Community Resource Center, that OCRC is experiencing a spike in the number of people needing help meeting their rent this month. This can likely be attributed to the number of businesses that close in the winter months, as well as the day laborers who can not work in 5 degree temperatures or when the roads are impassable due to snow. Reserves are limited and get depleted yet the bills keep coming. I am deeply grateful that OCRC, the Food Bank, Project Pal and others provide support to help bridge the gap for so many neighbors. Keeping folks housed, fed and warm is a critical feature of a healthy community.

OICF is working with Rollie Sauer to establish a fund to help pay for medication for patients in need. Funds will be held at OICF and distributed to OCRC who will pay the pharmacy as needed. In a recent conversation,  Rick Hughes, owner of Ry’s Pharmacy, mentioned that now that Covid care has been privatized, a single vaccination costs $200 and a round of paxlovid is $1300, which will be prohibitive for many. Hopefully we can get this fund up and running soon.

The Board of Fire Commissioners is hosting a Town Hall Meeting focused on levy and bond options to support Orcas Fire and Rescue. The meeting is Saturday at 1 pm at the Orcas Center in the Madrona Room. It will also be available via zoom at this link. The commissioners are looking forward to gathering public input as they move forward with the development of the next Levy and/or Bond request.

And don’t forget to get your School Levy ballot in! They are due by Tuesday February 13th.