I am delighted to announce that OICF is fully staffed once again with the arrival of Tera Andaya.

Tera launched her career at OICF this week and is already on a roll. As the Outreach and Support person, she is working on relaunching the Hive program. If you want to learn more or get involved, contact Tera at Tera@oicf.us.

OICF will be hosting an introductory meeting for the Recovery Sector this Wednesday. As with many sectors, folks work diligently on their projects and may not be aware of all the other programs that are available. We have invited representatives from AA, NA, Alanon, Recovery Rides, Recovery in Community, the Churches, Compass Health, Safe San Juans, Orcas Community Resource Center and the Healthcare District- all key components serving the island. OICF will facilitate the meeting and compile a directory with contact information and program description to share with the participants and their constituents.

Thank you to everyone who offered housing for the upcoming Dental Support teams This month. We have it covered and greatly appreciate all of the generous offers of support. We have started conversations with the County Health Department, Orcas Island Healthcare District, and Medical Teams International (MTI) about Dental services going forward. (The County’s grant funding ends this year). It is likely that OICF will contract with MTI for the Dental Van clinics for 2024 with the hope that we can find a more permanent solution going forward, as it is clear that the dental needs continue to grow in the community.

Hoping these April showers produce great May flowers!