The 2022 GiveOrcas Campaign goes live at 12:01 am on Monday, May 2nd.  Let me know if you would like a sneak preview and I will send you a list of the 27 proposals included in this year’s catalog.

This year is the largest campaign so far. After two years dealing with the impacts of a global pandemic, our local organizations are ready to re-engage.   These proposals represent a wide range of programs serving the Orcas community, from critical services to arts and cultural events. Hopefully, there is one (or more) that you are excited to contribute to.  Donations of $10 or more can be made at

OICF launched the GiveOrcas program in 2012 to open up the annual grants program to the entire community.  Nonprofits serving Orcas are welcome to apply and the community is invited to support the programs that make Orcas a wonderful place to call home.  Each proposal is vetted by a member of the Community Grants committee and then placed in one of three categories:  Critical Need, Important Need and Opportunity.

This year, there are two game days.  The first is Ben Franklin on May 5th (from 12:01am until 11:59pm). The grantee with the most $100-donors will receive a bonus of $1000 from OICF. Prizes will be awarded for second ($500) and third ($250) place finishers.  Then on May 10th, there is Unique Donor Day.  The grantee who has the most unique online donations on May 10th (from 12:01am until 11:59pm) will receive a bonus of $1000 from OICF. Second place winner receives $500 and third place winner receives $250.

I welcome you to contribute on whatever days to whichever programs that sparks your interest.   When we all pitch in, we can make great things happen!   Your support makes all the difference.

Have a great weekend.