Indian Island

2021 was quite a ride!  Our community has been so remarkable during this pandemic.  We remain one of the very few counties in the world that has not lost a single fife to Covid.  If we met the per capita death rate in Washington State, San Juan County would have lost 29 neighbors.  That not one death can be attributed to Covid is stellar and indicates we have been doing our best to take precautions.  That said, we are now seeing infection rates at an all time high due to recent breakthrough cases, holiday travel and celebrations.  Keep those masks handy!

Here is the website for our San Juan County public health advisories on covid for more information.

OICF continues to provide support to our local nonprofits and programs that have stepped up so well during the last two years, ensuring that neighbors who need help meeting basic needs such as shelter, food, and utilities are offered the support they need when they need it most.  OICF tips our hat to the volunteers, staff, and board members who have rallied during trying times.  Your efforts made the difference.  Thank you.

To the donors who have contributed $10 to $500,000, I thank each and every one of you on behalf of all of us at OICF.  These gifts, no matter what size, are the fuel that keep our safety net services running, building the capacity, and providing the opportunity to meet the ever-shifting needs of this community.

To the volunteers who have cleaned up along the roads, provided car and plane rides to neighbors, been a buddy calling folks who have been isolated, staffed the Food Bank, and so much more, thank you!

We don’t know what 2022 holds.  What we do know is that we, as a community, are ready.  Ready to lend a hand, ready to check on our neighbors, ready to rally and rise to the occasion, whatever that may be.

Rest up for now.  Keep the fire going, the house cozy, and use this time of dark and cold to renew your reserves.

Hoping that 2022 holds good health and great joy,