Pete Moe explaining the mechanisms of Big Blue

I attended the grand opening of Big Blue, the new glass crusher behind the Exchange.  I have to say, it was a lovely event.  So fun to be outside surrounded by our community—chatting, laughing, sipping cider and celebrating this new addition. Getting to this day was years of work and fundraising.  This machine turns glass into a sand like product that can be used for construction and landscaping.  Big Blue came on line at a great time, as it will reduce the number of trucks heading off island, and it is such a relief during the days of limited service.  To learn more about how to recycle glass, watch this video.  Congratulations to Pete Moe and the ORS Board, past and present. Well done!

Their next project will be a baler.  This will allow for like types of recycling to be baled and shipped out in a much more compacted way,  saving more space on the ferries and significantly increasing the percentage of material that is actually recycled.  Good progress towards a cleaner island and planet.

As we move into storm season, I encourage everyone to renew their air ambulance memberships.  It is recommended that you sign up for both Airlift NW (the helicopter) and Island Air Ambulance (the fixed wing option) as we never know which one is available or able to land in inclement weather.  Membership ensures that you will not be billed for the trip should you need to fly.  They will bill your insurance.  You need insurance to be a member.

Have a great weekend.