The Canty’s. All masked up.

At the start of the pandemic, we were told to prepare for a marathon, not a sprint.  It feels like we are now in an Ironman triathlon, and I sure hope we have the stamina to make it through.  An indoor mask mandate for public spaces goes back into effect at 5 this evening in San Juan County.  See the case update from the County.  Time to double down on patience and self-care.

OICF is continuing to host zoom calls with local nonprofits and County leaders.  We have just switched from monthly meetings to every other week, as the local shift in Covid continues.  Hearing what each organization is focused on, their successes and challenges, helps inform us all and helps understand where emerging opportunities are for supporting the community as a whole.

Building a stronger network is one of the benefits of the pandemic and has certainly improved community resilience over all.  So many of our nonprofit partners have been willing to pivot and stretch to meet the changing landscape of needs.  In the past, many have marveled at the number of organizations on Orcas, at times feeling it was excessive.  This crisis has proven how many of the nonprofits are critical for maintaining health and security for so many neighbors.  So grateful to work with such amazing leaders.

This is a busy weekend on the island.  The Library Book Fair and the Village Green Playground dedication are happening Saturday. The Chamber Music Festival is underway, and the Artist Studio Tour starts today.  Just remember to have a mask handy if you are venturing out!

All the best-