While much of 2020 has been different, OICF is holding tight to the tradition of our ‘Flat Person’ mascot for the upcoming 2020 GiveOrcas.org Holiday Campaign! Tune in here–and on social media–for clues about this year’s addition to our “Flat Family.” Enter one guess per day per person at our “Flat Person Poll” November 24-30th. All correct answers will be entered to win $500 for a nonprofit in this year’s campaign!

We’ve had Flat Lance, Flat Velma, Flat Coach, Flat Colleen, and Flat Ed. Who will be the 2020 GiveOrcas Flat Person, who will help campaign for the local nonprofits listed in the Holiday Catalog? The more you guess, the more chances you have to win cash for a local nonprofit – so tell your friends and family too!

Stay tuned – clues will be posted here throughout the week! And mark your calendar for Dec. 1-15 to view the GiveOrcas.or Holiday Catalog!


  • Clue #1 (Nov. 24): This person never asks why…they just jump in to help.
  • Clue #2 (Nov. 25): Some call this person harry.
  • Clue #3 (Nov. 27): Sporty and fun, this person loves to play ball.
  • Clue #4 (Nov. 29): Youth development (desarrollo juvenil) is this person’s life work.
  • Clue #5 (Nov. 30): This person flew in from Spread Eagle and never left.