List of Grant Recipients

OICF Grant Recipients from 1998 to 2020

Buzzer System for Knowledge Bowl
Emergency Kits and Training
Learning Lab Kits for Orcas 4H clubs

Actor’s Theatre of Orcas Island
Portable Sound System
Theatre Lighting
Purchase Sound System Upgrade Equipment
Theater lighting replacement

American Red Cross/Orcas Disaster Response Team
Traveling Soup Kitchen
Emergency Shelter Supplies
Secure Storage Unit

Art for Orcas Kids (AOK)
Art Supplies
Materials for Artists in the Schools Program
Stage on the Green
Elementary Artist in the Schools Program
Teacher Stipends
Bring Art Instruction to Orcas Elementary and Middle Schools
Bring artists to public K-8 classes
Bring local artists to our public schools to teach and inspire

Booster Club of Orcas Island
Implement Positive Coaching Curriculum within Youth Sports

Boys and Girls Club of Orcas Island
Funhouse Rental

Coffelt Farm Stewards
Establish and Apiary (Bee Yard) to Pollinate Area and Provide Honey
Bee Structure and Apiary Workspace
Slaughter Site and Heavy Use Area Improvement
Expand Education Program to Grow the Next Generation of Farmers

Compass Health San Juan Islands
Chemical Dependency Treatment Program
Fund Therapist/Psychiatrist

Early Childhood Education Initiative
Help sustain high-quality preschool on Orcas (3)

Eastsound Off-Leash Dog Park
Improvements to new dog park site

Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Upgrade AV presentation capabilities

Farm to Cafeteria (OIEF, OISD)
Purchase Organic Beef from Orcas Island Farms
Program Support: Locally-Produced Foods into School Curriculum
Coordinator Salary
Purchase Local, Organic Fruits and Vegetables
Funding for Bio-intensive Gardener
Raise hours for Garden Keeper

F.E.A.S.T. Program
Summer Education: Sustainability and Stewardship
General Support
Operational Funds
Program Coordinator Operational Expenses

Four Winds – Westward Ho! Camp
Partial Funding to Renovate Infirmary
Help Send an Orcas Island Child to Four Winds Camp

Friends of Moran State Park
Replace Existing Play Structure at Moran State Park
Updated Maps
Mt. Constitution Tower Renovations
Creatures of the Forest Program
Retrofit Former KVOS Historic Building
AED Defibrillator; Emergency Phones
Illustrate, Acknowledge & Celebrate Volunteers

Friends of the Library
Partial Funding for Crossroads Lecture Series

Funding for Art & Science Director for After School Program
Trees for Walking Gardens of the World
Portable Partitions
Teen Night Staffing
Fund Online Courses & Project Coordinator
General Operations
Chairs and Sofa
Upgrade Computers
College Counseling and SAT Prep Class
Funds to Help Remodel to House OIPRD
Ninja Camp Summer Program
Staff Training and Support
Improving the Mental and Social Health of Island Teens
Give Children the Gift of Play, Learning, & Friends After School
Grow the Funhouse’s Capacity to Serve Our Community
Strengthen reading skills for Funhouse kids
Support afterschool kids through staff professional development

Healing Arts Center
Roof Replacement
Computer Hardware and Software
Spirit of Service: Affordable alternative healthcare
Design, Engineer, and Build a Foundation

Hearts and Hands
Operational Funds to Support Volunteer Coordinator
Volunteer Coordinator
Partial Operation Funds
Matching Volunteers with Senior Citizens & Disabled Individuals

Islands’ Island Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI)
Supports Confidential Reproductive Health for Islanders
Provide Reproductive Health Care for Those Who Can’t Pay
Prevent STDs and unplanned pregnancies on Orcas

Youth Echo Arts Action (YEAA) Program

Islands’ Oil Spill Association
Spill Responder Class; Field Training
VHF Radios
Classroom Training and Drill
Renovate of Orcas Island Spill Response Equipment Trailer
Purchase Auxiliary Motor
West Orcas Spill Response Drill & Supplies
Spill Response Equipment & Drill Training
Quick, Community-Based Response to Oil Spills

Islands’ Stewards
General Operations
Community Program at Orcas Center
Scholarships for Orcas Island Forest School

COVID: Support Kaleidoscope’s Mission during this Difficult Time
Fund “Music Together” Program for Kaleidoscope Children
Kitchen Upgrade
Appliances and Food Prep Equipment
Bringing Books Home Program
Operating Support
Collaborative Disaster Readiness Grant
Kaleidoscope’s Child Passenger Safety Program
COVID: Support Kaleidoscope’s Mission During this Difficult Time

Keepers of the Patos Light
Docent and Volunteer Transportation and Safety Equipment

Key Club and Senior Services
Computer Equipment for Senior Center

Kiwanis Club of Orcas Island
Give to Educational / Career Assistance Fund

Evaluation of Eastsound Wetlands/Orcas Middle School Science Club
After School Science Research Club
Water Testing Equipment
Fishing Bay Toxicant Study
Develop Science Enrichment Program about Native Fruit Tree Cultivars
“Appleyard” Specimen Orchard
Analytical Chemistry Tool for Orcas Teachers and Nonprofits
Quality School Microscopes
Protect Native Pollinators for Food Security and Flowers
Paid Youth Steward to Support Volunteers on Indian Island
Orcas Ecosystems 101: Biology & Stewardship for Families
Citizen Science for Updating Oil Spill Response Plans
Discover the crown jewels of Orcas biodiversity in Moran State Park

Orcas Door to Door assistive transportation for seniors

Long Live The Kings
Purchase and Install Three Eight-tray Salmon Egg Incubation Stacks
Salmon Egg Incubator Tray Replacements
Salmon Egg Incubators
Glenwood Springs Salmon Hatchery Operations
Glenwood Springs Field Station Study
Equipment for Glenwood Springs Hatchery: security camera with night vision and two half stack incubators

Music Advocacy Group (MAG)
New Music Stands

Medical Collaborative 2011, 2012
Financial Assistance to Cover Medical Care for Uninsured/Under-insured Patients at Orcas Medical Foundation, Orcas Family Health Center and Orcas Island Family Medicine

Mentor Project
Computer, Printer, FAX, Copy Machine

Olga Strawberry Council
Return the Historic Marshall Strawberry to Orcas Island Farms

OPAL Community Land Trust
COVID: Funding for Islanders Unable to Pay their Mortgage or Rent
Energy Efficiency Upgrades to Donated ‘Baker House’
Wild Rose Meadow Neighborhood Support
Materials for Homebuyers Education Program
Partial Funding for 5 Permanently Affordable Homes
Partial Funding for Lahari Homes
Housing Plans
Mt. Baker Housing — Pathways
Partial Funding for Lavender Hollow Capital Upgrades
Energy upgrades to donated “Henigson House”
Design a Community Loan Fund Program
Complete Business Plan for Community Loan Fund
Affordable Rental Project
New Affordable Rental Housing; Expanded Access to Mortgage Loans
Help OPAL and Orcas Nonprofits be Effective Legislative Advocates
COVID: Funding for Islanders Unable to Pay their Mortgage or Rent

Opportunity Council
Support for Community Polling Regarding Affordable Housing

Orcas Animal Protection Society
COVID: Help us place Animals in Homes when their People are Unavialble
Cat Cages
Assist Building Space for Visitations and Adoptions
Expansion of Cat Housing
Purchase Medical Equipment & Soundproofing Materials
Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Program
“Team Safe” Program
PET PALs: A Pre-K-6th Grade Humane Education Program
Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Program for Dogs of Low-Income Islanders
Renovate Flooring at the Animal Shelter
COVID: Help us place Animals in Homes when their People are Unavailable

Orcas Aviation Association
Mercy Flight Program
Flights for People Undergoing Treatment Such as Radiation

Orcas Center
COVID: Orcas Center: A Center Not Just for the Arts
Install equipment to Broadcast Metropolitan Opera Live, National Theater, Other Programming
Youth Production of “The Tempest”
Digital Projector
Orcas Center/OIEF/OISD Performing Art Program
Facility and Equipment Improvements
“Stage Right” Lighting Upgrade
Subsidize Family Programming
Support $5 Subsidized Tickets for Greater Community Arts Access
ADA-compliant Listening Assist System
Exterior painting and re-siding of our community arts center
Support for the ‘Roasted Nut,’ a spectacular holiday dance production
Purchase of professional-grade, nonslip, durable safety mats
COVID: Orcas Center: A Center Not Just for the Arts

Orcas Christian School
Fund Planetarium Equipment
Seed to Seed Permaculture Program

Orcas Choral Society
Funding for 25th Anniversary Concert
Choral Risers

Orcas Community Band
Portable Band Risers
Music Stands and Storage Cart

Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture
Empower Islanders to Be Creators of the Food that Nourishes Them

Orcas Community Resource Center (OCRC)
COVID: Connecting Islanders in Crisis with Needed Services
Equip New Office Space
Family Advocate Support
Family Home Visits, Literacy Training
Operational Funding
OFC Training and Outreach
Help Islanders with Health Insurance and Housing Assistance
Strengthen Island families: Early Childhood Education Collaboration
Strengthen Safety Net for Orcas Community
Ask Orcas Project
Expand Capacity to Serve Fellow Islanders in Need
Housing, Transportation & Food Support
Expanding Social Services Support for Vulnerable Islanders
Connect Islanders with Services Needed for their Well Being
Connect Islanders with the services needed for their well-being
Recovery in ‘Community’ links Islanders with help they need
COVID: Connecting Islanders in Crisis with Needed Services

Orcas Family Health Center
Ultrasound Diagnostic Machine
Audiometer for Hearing Screenings
Our Whole Lives (OWL) Program (2)

Orcas Historical Society and Museum
Operational Funding
Resurface Metal Roof and Replace Cedar Singles
Smithsonian Journey Stories Exhibit Support
Traveling Trunk Program
Computer System
Computer Scanning System
Fund a Curator
Lights for Traveling Display Modules
Operating Funds
Addition of Heat Ducts
Security Cameras

Orcas Island Chamber of Commerce and Orcas Island Public Library
WEB-based Community Calendar Establishment

Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival
Community Musicians Program to Visit All Island Preschools
Preschool Music Program (3-year grant)
Printing and Mailing Brochures
Free Children’s Concert and Master Class
Fund Festival Operations
Reference and Exhibit Materials
In-Music Seminars/Library
Filming Equipment
To Engage Community in the Creation of a Musical Composition
Summer Tune-up! Program
Sponsorship for OICMF 2016 Senior Open Rehearsal

Orcas Island Children’s House
COVID: Continued Learning and Home-Enrichment for Young Children
Maintenance and Operations
Support to Paint Historic Preschool Building
Infant/Toddler Center Operating Funds
Infant/Toddler Equipment
Computer and Infant/Toddler Playground
Wall Sconces and Window Treatment
Shade Arbor and Fence
Toddler Center
Smoke Detectors
Outdoor Play Equipment and Storage
Consortium – Family Support Specialist
General Operations
Organic Garden
Pre-school Fence
Partial Funding To Install Natural Play Yard for Infant-Toddler Center
April’s Children Farm & Food Program
Circle Driveway Maintenance and Repair
Help Her Along Her Journey to Budding Artist or Future Surgeon
COVID: Continued Learning and Home-Enrichment for Young Children

OICF Focus Area Investment Grant 2012
Increase Access to Physical, Mental, and Dental Care

Orcas Island Education Foundation
COVID: School Lunches and Art
Preschool Collaborative Training funding for all Island Preschools Through Grade 3
Fund Operations
Preschool Collaborative: Early Achievers Training
Preschool – 5th Grade Literacy Alignment Project
Bringing programs like Theater, Art, Guitar Making, Debate Club, and so Much More to Our Students
Orcas High School Debate Team
COVID: School Lunches and Art

Orcas Island Fire and Rescue
Bicycle Helmets & Smoke Detectors

Orcas Island Food Bank
COVID: Funds to Meet Increased Demand Due to Job Losses
Provide Dairy and Eggs for Monthly Distribution
Weekend Packs for Kids – Year-Round
Emergency Backup Generator
COVID: Funds to Meet Increased Demand Due to Job Losses

Orcas Island Historical Society
Microfilm Reader, Printer, and Supplies
Hearing Orcas Voices: A Listening Kiosk for the Orcas Island Historical Museum
Orcas Voices: Bringing our Rich History to Life with an Exciting Multimedia Exhibit, New Oral Histories, and Continued Research on Island Families.

Orcas Island Library
Support 2011-12 “Big Read” Program
Equipment for Internet Classes
Naturalist for Kids’ Summer Reading Program
Library Expansion Project

Orcas Island Lion’s Club
Purchase Strobe Smoke Detectors

Orcas Island Lit Fest
Support Kids’ Fest, part of an emerging literary festival on Orcas

Orcas Island Medical Foundation
Transition Operations
Promote Early Childhood Literacy

Orcas Island Recreation Program & Rec District
Purchase Umbrella Insurance Policy as a Bridge for the 2011-12 Recreation Season
Materials for Artist Instructors
Scholarship Program
Portable Soccer Goals
Purchase Storage Lockers
General Operations
Printing and Kaleidoscope Programs
F.E.A.S.T. Program
Summer Program Support
Wrestling Club Equipment
Help Establish an Official Soccer Club | Ayuda a Establecer un Club de Futbol Oficial en la Isla Orcas

Orcas Island Rowing Club
Funding Toward Purchase a New Coxless Quad Crew Shell
Safety equipment: Lights, Ladder, Floatation Devices
Speed Coach Monitor
Racing Scull
Cox Box and Lights
Twin Hull Rescue Launch, Trailer & Equipment

OISD: Elementary Library
Furniture for Reading Area
Technical Books

OISD: Elementary School
Grade 4 Supplemental Reading Materials
Funding to Bring Elementary School Counselor from Half-time to Full-time
Geology in Classroom Science Module Matching Funds
6th Grade Five-day Outdoor Learning Experience at Naturebridge
Counselor for the Elementary School
Readiness to Learn Program
Targeted After School Interventions
Mental health counselor
Elementary School Social Work Services
Classroom Set of 32 Chromebooks, Printer, and Charging Cart
Social Work Services
Family Empowerment Advocate
Student & family advocate, social/emotional teacher

OISD: Elementary Primary Intervention Program
COVID: Social and Emotional Support for Orcas Students
Operational Funding
Play Therapy Program for At-Risk Children
Supplies and Parenting Classes
Training Equipment
Videos and Books
Operations and Consultations
A Safe Place to Learn for K-3 Children
COVID: Social and Emotional Support for Orcas Students

OISD: Gifted Student Program
Curriculum Materials

OISD: High School
Robotics Kits for Science Program
Partial Funding for 40 Lockers
Orcas High School Students Build a Tiny House
Chapter Books in School Library for the Spanish Speaking Students
Send High School Students to Summer Leadership Camp
School Social Worker to Promote and Enhance the Learning Process
Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Machine for High School Science

OISD: Math Enrichment Program
Middle School Advanced Enriched Mathematics

OISD: Montessori Public School Program
Teacher Training
Additional Teacher
Supplies for Montessori classroom

OISD: Music Department
Chairs, Stands and Podium

OISD: Nurse Corps
Educational Supplies

OISD: Orcas A Cappellagos
“A Cappellagos” High School Choir

OISD: Prevention Partnership
Support Operational Expenses; Consultations from Certified Childhood Mental Health Specialist
Orcas High School Psychology Class
Strengthening Families Program

Supplies for Noon Knitting Club
“Backpacks for Kids” Filled Weekly with Easily-prepared Food Items for Kids Who Need
Weekend Food Support
Weekend Packs for Kids Food Program
Emergency Kits for Classrooms

OISD: Substance Abuse Program
Update Curriculum Materials

Orcas Island Writers Festival
Expenses for Initial Festival

Orcas Island Youth Conservation Corps (formerly thru Madrona Institute)
Environmental Education and Conservation Stewardship
Support Outdoor Service Learning for Orcas Youth
2018 Season in Moran State Park and at the Village Green
Provide meaningful outdoor job training to Island youth

Orcas Island Youth Football
Game Jerseys

Orcas Montessori School
COVID: Support Orcas Montessori in this Time of Uncertainty
Summer Language Program Scholarships
Operating Funds
Playground Equipment
Fencing, Outdoor Enhancement Program
Child-size Toilet Replacement
Office Addition and Entry Way Deck
Complete a Paved and Covered Entry/Walkway
Sustainable Gardening Program
Storage, Freezer, Tables, etc.
Bilingual Summer Program
Sandbox Cover
Outdoor Education Upgrade
Foster Children’s Love of Nature and the Need to Preserve It
COVID: Support Orcas Montessori in this Time of Uncertainty

Orcas Off-Leash Area (OOLA)
Help Keep and Improve an Off-Leash Area on Orcas

Orcas Public School Prevention Partnership
Educational Materials and Outreach Brochures

Orcas Recycling Services/the Exchange
Funding to Rebuild the Exchange
Exchange Annex Workshop, Meeting Room, and Classroom

Orcas Skate Park
Contribution to Construction Fund

Orcas Senior Center
COVID: Meals & Transportation for Seniors and Disabled Orcas Islanders
Outdoor Gas Cooker for Fundraisers
Seed Money for Cookstove
Audio-Visual Equipment for New Center
Light-blocking Shades
Senior Needs Survey
Life Enrichment Programming
Expand Senior Lunch Program
Help Expand Programming to Serve a Growing Senior Population
Repair Potholes
Identify the Needs of Islanders Wishing to “Age in Place”
Provide Technology Access and Training
Foot care: keep us on our feet!
COVID: Meals & Transportation for Seniors and Disabled Orcas Islanders

SAFE San Juans (formerly Domestic Violence Sexual Assault Service)
COVID: Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Victim Support and Prevention
Women’s ESL Classes
Office Equipment
Child Abuse Prevention Program
Assault Prevention and Treatment Program
Therapy Sessions
Prevention Education Program and Operations
Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Prevention Education Programs on Orcas
Effecting Social Change through Anti-Violence Education
Deliver prevention education programs at all Orcas schools
Provide violence prevention and education for student and adults
COVID: Domestic Violence & Sexual Abuse Victim Support and Prevention

Sail Orcas
Replace Safety Boat Motor
New Class of Boat to Expand Program
Replace of Outboard Motor on Instructor Chase/Safety
Foul Weather Gear and Radios
Purchase New Race Boat
Capital Equipment Request to Upgrade to the FJ Dinghy
Upgrade/Replace Sailing Equipment for Youngest Sailors
All-Weather Sailing Gear for Program Participants
Help fund dock floats for teaching Island sailor young and old

Salmonberry School
COVID: Keep Salmonberry’s Virtual Doors Open
Sustainable Garden Program & Coordinator
Science Modules
Classroom weatherization project and energy efficiency upgrades
COVID: Keep Salmonberry’s Virtual Doors Open!

San Juan County Economic Development Council (EDC)
Trades Education Initiative: Construction Technology Program

San Juan Islands Conservation District
Orcas Youth Conservation Corps Village Green and Moran State Park

San Juan County Arts Council
Arts Directory

San Juan County Health Department
“Market Bucks” Program to Promote Healthy Habits (2)

San Juan Nature Institute
“Wetlands & Watersheds” Study for Grade 5
“Two Beaches” Marine Study for Grade 6
Marine Invertebrate Course for Middle School Students
Enhance Teaching Botany Multidisciplinary Teacher Training
Natural Science Enrichment Program
Multiple Natural Science Programs
Naturalist Program with Library
4th Grade Salmon Program (2)
Salmon & Habitats Elementary School Program w/OISD
Indian Island Study w/OISD and Salmonberry School
Compound Microscope
Stream Studies 5th Grade Curriculum
Marine Invertebrates Course
“It’s a Short Run to the Sea on Orcas” Watershed Exploration
Watersheds Grades K-6 Curriculum
Inter-tidal Life and Diver for a Day

San Juan Preservation Trust
General Operations
Turtleback Mountain

SeaDoc Society
Support Operations
Diver Training
Healing the Salish Sea Ecosystem through Science and Education
Inspire Youth of the Salish Sea with a Non-Fiction Book for 5th and 6th Graders
Ocean Night: a free, family-friendly community series

Special Youth Grants:
Medical Collaborative: Cover Medical Care for Uninsured/Under-Insured Patients
Food Bank
Friends of Moran State Park (4)
Island Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI)
OIEF (#)
OAA Mercy Flight
Farm to Cafeteria
Food Bank (2)
Children’s House (2)
Compass Health
SAFE San Juans
SeaDoc Society
Orcas Island Parks and Rec District
OPAL Community Land Trust

The Grange
Building Repairs

Washington Vocational Services
Dream Builders Program for Special Education Students (3)

Washington Water Trust
Cascade Creek Water Rights

West Sound Community Club
Purchase and Installation of Transfer Switch

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Habitation Center
Part of Building to House New Critical Care Equipment
Purchase Presentation Materials & Displays
Rescue Supply Kits
Promote the well-being of wildlife and their habitats on Orcas
Education displays and volunteer outreach
Provide Food and Medical Care for Harbor Seal Pup Rehabilitation
Improve Diagnostic Care for Injured and Orphan Wildlife

Woman in the Woods Productions
Promote Awareness and Appreciation for Racial and Cultural Differences

YMCA Camp Orkila
Pool Safety Equipment
Marine Environmental Education Program