For Grant Applicants

The 2018 application will be available in late January.

All applicants must complete two steps:

  1. Download and complete a 2017 OICF Grant Application.
  2. Complete and upload your application online by March 10, 2017. You will need a short description, long description, and image to complete this step.

Please note:

  • Most of the fields on the application are limited to 1000 characters (not words).  Learn more about how to count characters in word.
  • After you have drafted the Word.doc application, save it as a PDF and upload the file on our website between Jan. 25 – March 10:
  • You can upload more than one file, but you have to upload them individually (one after the other).
  • Information about your request online will populate our Online Grants Catalog, which will be displayed on the Web to donors–and the general public.
  • Any additional documents on this page should be uploaded as PDFs.
  • If you are applying under a Fiscal Sponsor, please read the Fiscal Sponsorship page and complete a Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement.

Questions? Please contact:

  • Kate Long at the OICF office (360) 376-6423 or
  • Coleen O’Brien, Grants Committee Chair at
  • Hilary Canty, Executive Director, (360) 376-6423 or