GiveOrcas Grants

The Orcas Island Community Foundation distributes grants from the Community Endowment Fund twice a year through our GiveOrcas Campaigns — once in the spring and once during the holiday season.


The grants are supplemented with funds from our Partners in Philanthropy. Below are the grants, from the spring and over the holidays, that went to our local organizations that serve to make the community stronger and better. This was only possible because of the donations that we received from you, the community.

With this model, we are able to fund more projects and help more Islanders. Your gift of $10, $100, or $1,000 or more as a Partner in Philanthropy helps the entire community become more effective. All organizations in the GiveOrcas catalog are vetted and approved by members of the community. OICF covers all credit card fees for the organizations — so 100% of your gift goes directly to the organization you support.

Go here to view a comprehensive list of all OICF grant recipients.

2022 Spring Grants

Our Spring GiveOrcas Campaign was our largest campaign to date and was fully funded this year, thanks to you.

A total of $374,172 was awarded across 27 community organizations. We had a total of 1,509 donations from 672 donors, of which 246 were new donors. These donations will greatly benefit each of these organizations and, in turn, all of us. 

  • Art for Orcas Kids (AOK)/OIEF: $3,398 for art class aprons and sketchbooks for all OISD K-12 students
  • Deer Harbor Community Club: $10,000 to help paint the Deer Harbor Post Office
  • Friends of Moran State Park: $19,007 to help reach the summit for the Tower Restoration Project
  • Healing Arts Center: $24,200 to preserve our community-owned holistic health care facility
  • Helping Hands Noramise: $1,200 to engage Orcas teens in food, farm and community experiences
  • Islands’ Oil Spill Association: $3,000 to conduct oiled wildlife response training on Orcas Island
  • KWIAHT: $3,497 to study ticks on Orcas
  • Leadership San Juan Islands: $3,500 to celebrate our culture of community care on the Village on the Green
  • OPAL Community Land Trust: $25,000 for Kidder Way affordable homes 
  • Orcas Center: $25,000 to help the Orcas Center install solar panels on their roof
  • Orcas Community Participatory Agriculture: $18,010 to help expand their community-grown food network
  • Orcas Community Resource Center: $11,134 for Fresh Bucks to help make fruits & veggies accessible
  • Orcas Community Resource Center: $25,000 to help meet the growing need for health services
  • Orcas Island Food Bank: $20,000 to help increase the Food Bank’s supply of fresh farm foods
  • Orcas Island Lit Fest: $9,000 to help Orcas Island’s Book Festival
  • Orcas Island School District 137: $3,500 for Lincoln in the Library
  • Orcas Island School District 137: $1,8621.63 to add universally accessible playground equipment to the OISD playground
  • Orcas Island Volunteer Firefighter/EMT Association: $12,950 to help purchase power assist stretchers
  • Orcas Montessori School: $3,000 to build a garden and farm stand for Orcas Montessori School
  • Orcas Recycling Services / The Exchange: $25,000 for equipment to bale recyclables
  • Orcas Senior Center: $25,000 to strengthen our community through Companion Services
  • SAFE San Juans: $25,000 to maintain support for survivors of domestic and sexual violence
  • Sail Orcas: $14,485 to improve accessibility, women’s sailing and marine science
  • Salmonberry School and Learning Center: $10,000 for an outdoor multi-purpose patio classroom 
  • San Juan Islands Conservation District: $22,750 to help foster the next generation of ecologists 
  • Turning the Wheel: $9,919 for a Turning the Wheel Residency
  • Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: $3,000 to help build a new small mammal recuperation enclosure

Past GiveOrcas Grants

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

The community donated $24,220 to finish the foundation work for the Healing Arts Center building. The 1904 farmhouse is one of the oldest structures in Eastsound. 

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

New playground on The Village Green

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

A new roof was put on the Crow Valley School Museum thanks to community support in 2020

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

A world map was funded through the 2021 spring GiveOrcas Campaign and installed at the Public School Library

2022 Youth Philanthropy Grants

This year a generous donor gave the Orcas High School Senior Class $10,000 to donate to organizations that have made an impact and to foster philanthropy in our youth.

Thank you to the class of 2022 for your thoughtfulness and generosity, and to Wylie Kau, Orcas High Class of 2016 Alumni, who started this project many years ago. Cheers to the class of 2022! We can’t wait to see what your futures hold!

Here are their choices for 2022:

  • Orcas Island Parks & Recreation District: $5,000
  • Orcas Island Children’s House: $3,000
  • Orcas Island Booster Club: $2,000
Healing Art Center Building behind trees

Officer Jason Gross being photographed for the 2021 Holiday GiveOrcas Flat Person of the Year

2021 Holiday Grants

Our Holiday GiveOrcas Campaign was also fully funded, thanks to you.

A total of $132,411.03 was awarded across 17 community organizations. We had a total of 974 donations from 462 donors, of which 206 were new donors. These donations will serve these organizations and the community well. Thank you, Orcas.  

  • Airhawks Flying Club: $12,000 for a cockpit simulator for scholarship students and island pilots
  • Art for Orcas Kids (AOK)/OIEF: $15,000 for artists to bring art to students (K-12)
  • KWIAHT: $3,800 for fruitifing the Orcas Elementary School
  • Long Live the Kings: $7,500 for helping Glenwood Springs raise & release healthy Chinook
  • Music Advocacy Group (MAG): $2,053.03 for chair carts for daily use
  • OPAL Community Land Trust: $15,300 for purchasing and renovating the Northern Heights Apartments
  • Orcas Center: $8,196 for giving our island’s youth a warm, safe place to dance
  • Orcas Choral Society: $5,000 for their Choral Tracks subscription and the instrumentalists for their spring concert
  • Orcas Community Resource Center: $15,000 for the purchase of Coates’ Cabinet hygiene items
  • Orcas Island Food Bank: $10,000 for feeding island teens through their Teen Tent Program
  • Orcas Island Historical Museums: $4,000 for the Bison Antiquus Exhibition
  • Orcas Island Lions Club: $7,800 for replacing tent fabric for the Lions Club Tent Rental Program
  • Orcas Island School District 137: $910 for binoculars for elementary school students
  • Orcas Senior Center: $15,000 for the Home Maintenance & Repair Pilot Program
  • San Juan Islands Museum of Art: $3,280 for the insight into everyday life in Afghanistan exhibition
  • Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center: $2,500 for a community mailer
  • Woman in the Woods Productions: $5,110 for promoting an appreciation of diversity through performance art
Healing Art Center Building behind trees
Healing Art Center Building behind trees

New fabric on the Lion’s Club tent was funded by the community during the 2021 Holiday Campaign

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

Flat Jason at the OICF office waiting for the next nonprofit to take him out

Healing Art Center Building behind trees

Getting yard signs ready for the Campaign