Fund Holder Log on

Individuals and organizations who hold funds at OICF have 24-7 online access to their fund information.  Fund holders also can go online to request a grant to a nonprofit, or access our grant catalog. If you have a fund at OICF use the instructions below to access your Fund Manager.

1. Click on this link, or copy and paste it into your web browser:

2. You should see a screen with OICF’s logo at the top and a place to enter your unique Username and Password.  Enter that information on this page.  If you have forgotten your username or password, please contact the Community Foundation at (360) 376-6423, or send an email to  We will reset your password and you will receive an email asking you to chose another.

3. If you have access to more than one fund at OICF, the next page will ask you to select the fund you want to view. If you have only one fund, the default HOME page shows your current fund balance, a list of recent contributions, and a list of recent grants (distributions).  At the top of this page you can select to:

  • Choose another fund (if you have access to more than one fund at OICF) at the CHOOSE FUND tab.
  • Look at details about your contributions, including names of those who have given to your fund, at the CONTRIBUTIONS tab.
  • Look at details about your grants at the GRANTS tab.
  • Request a new grant be sent to an organization at the GRANT REQUEST tab. You may select organizations you have given to previously from a dropdown menu, or enter a new organization. We will conduct due diligence for all grant requests.
  • View OICF’s grant catalog at the GRANT CATALOG tab (when the catalog is active).
  • View your statements at the STATEMENTS tab.
  • Logout at the LOGOUT tab.

If you do not logout at the end of your session, your web browser will likely remember your username and password the next time you go to this site (depending on your settings).  If you are using a shared computer, always logout of your account when you are finished.  Call (360-376-6423) or email ( if you need help!