Community Cornerstones

Beautiful Orcas Island

Beautiful Orcas Island

Our lives here on Orcas are sustained by the combined efforts of many people – like the many fabrics in a quilt.  Each patch in the quilt represents a different organization with a separate mission: housing, education, food, medical/dental, arts, environment, sports and recreation, and many, many more.  Each meets an important need in its own area of expertise: each is supported by generous gifts from Orcas donors, themselves a big piece of the quilt.

These individual patches need to be stitched together to make a strong whole. The Orcas Island Community Foundation (OICF) is the stitching in the quilt that repairs and completes the quilt as needed.  When there are blank spaces in the quilt, when the 110 nonprofits on Orcas cannot meet some need, the Community Foundation makes the connection, adds the stitching that holds it all together.  By bringing individuals and groups together to fill the gaps and repair the weak place, the Foundation brings its skill and resources to help restore the Community to health.

Cornerstone gifts are the Foundation’s thread; they are the behind-the-scenes sustenance that makes our quilt-work possible. Your Cornerstone gift each year of $1000 or more is an essential part of OICF’s ability to serve in its crucial leadership role.

Below is a list of OICF’s 2015-16 Community Cornerstone members (as of August 2016).

David & Sonia Alexander
Bill & Valerie Anders
Mary Creed Anderson
Dick & BJ Arnold
Barbara Bedell
Helen Bee
Diane Berreth & David Kobrin
Michael Brennan
Janet Brownell & Lance Evans
Sally & Bruce Buchanan
Matthew Burkley
John Carl
Cristine Chandler Family Memorial Fund
Bill & Paula Clapp
Ron Claybourn & Jackie Daigle
Mary Clure & Michael Murray
Bruce & Marty Coffey
Martha Farish & Joseph Cohen
Sam & Cynthia Coleman
Jim Connell & Susan Hull
Alexander Conrad
Bonnie & Dennis Dahl
Carl de Boor
Richard Donner & Laura Shuler-Donner
Bob Distler & Lolo Duni
Nancy Edquist
Thomas & Carolyn Fiscus
Eugene & Judith Flath
Evelyn Franklin
Michael & Elaine Fresco
Martha & Tim Fuller
Laura Gaylord
Randy & Marny Gaylord
Julie & John Gottman
E. Ann Graves
Frank Greer & Stephanie Solien
Susan & Wally Gudgell
Ginny Hawker & Theron Soderlund
Phyllis Henigson
Linda Henry & Pam Loew
King & Anne Hoagland
Jeff & Angie Johnson
Sara Jane Johnson
Scott & Bronwen Jones
Steve Jung & Susan McBain
Ken Katz & Serena Burman
Jim & Michelle Keyes
Midge Kraetzer
Richard & Kate Lee
Laurencia & Bob Liebmann
Dale & Sara Linnes
Andrew & Cheryl Masterman
Robert Lundeen
Bob Maynard
Kathy McDowell Dickinson
Stewart & Barbara Mehlman
Stan & Jo Ellen Moldoff
Tom & Leslie Murdock
Jude Nash & Joel Watson
Coleen O’Brien
Orcas LGBT Fund
Derek Paulson
Doug & Joyce Pearson
Dennis Peterson & Cordula Kirchgessner
Clayton Philbrick
Doug & Judy Schliebus
Susan Scott
Slim & Mimi Sommerville
Ann & Sig Snelson
Dimitri & Lorena Stankevich
Dick & Kathy Staub
Lenoi Steckley
Lisa Steckley
Stu & Patsy Stephens
Swigert Warren Foundation
Joe Thoron & Lisl Thomsen
Millie Vaccarella
Robert & Carolyn Volk
Betsy Wareham
Bob & Marsha Waunch
Kathy Wehle
Howard S. Wright III & Kate Janeway
Dr. Edgar & Judith Zimmerman
Anonymous (2)

Businesses and Organizations
Island Market
Gudgell Properties
Peter C Fisher Gallery
Tres Fabu!
West Sound Marina, Inc.