Glossary of Terms

Cash, stocks, bonds, real estate, or other holdings.

A sum of money made available upon someone’s death.

Community Foundation
A special form of public charity, organized to channel gifts from individual and corporate donors to a variety of charitable organizations in the local community. It is a publicly supported philanthropic institution governed by a local board of private citizens. Community foundations are the fastest growing sector of philanthropy in the United States.

Designated Fund
A Designated Fund supports specific charitable organizations named by the donor at the time the gift is made. Click here for more detailed information.

Donor Advised Fund
A Donor Advised Fund allows the donor or others designated by the donor to make recommendations to the Foundation regarding charitable grants from the fund. Click here for more detailed information.

Earned Income
Dividends and interest payments received or credited to one’s account.

Organization Endowment Fund
An Organizational Endowment Fund is a permanent endowment fund created by a nonprofit organization. Click here for more detailed information.

Planned Giving
Establishing charitable giving direction, often with tax benefits associated, prior to one’s death.

Private Foundation
A non-governmental, nonprofit organization with funds (usually from a single source such as a family or corporation) established to maintain or aid social, educational, religious or other charitable activities serving the common welfare primarily through grantmaking.

A legal device used to set aside the money or property of one person for the benefit of one or more persons or organizations.