OICF Community Endowment Fund

Orcas Island Community Foundation differs from most other organizations in that the major focus is building a pool of endowment assets to last forever. Donations of any amount are pooled and invested by OICF’s Investment Committee (see Investment Strategies). Approximately 4% of the principal is awarded annually as grants to island nonprofit organizations.

Over time, OICF distributes less than it earns, so the Community Endowment Fund is forever increasing and benefiting from the magic of compound interest. This allows OICF grants to be given in perpetuity. OICF Endowment Funds will generate grants in perpetuity to many local nonprofits. Based on history, $1,000 donated today, in 50 years will have generated $9,860 in grants and will have grown in principal to $9,080, and will keep on growing! This is incredible leverage for your charitable dollars and a tremendous investment in our community’s future.

Give to the Community Endowment Fund to ensure the quality of life on Orcas Island…Forever!