Designated Funds

Designated Funds support specific charitable organizations named by the donor at the time the gift is made. Orcas Island Community Foundation provides professional financial management for the funds and regularly pays grants to the charities donors have chosen. For individuals, creating a designated fund can ensure that a charitable organization will receive support over a long period of time, perhaps beyond the donor’s lifetime. Designated Funds are established with a minimum donation of $5000.

Benefits of a Designated Fund:

  • Make an endowment gift to any charity.
  • Endow emerging, small or struggling organizations.
  • Endow several organizations.
  • Make a gift now that can last forever.
  • Manage funds professionally and monitor grants.

Designated Funds already established that you may give to are:

  • Chamber of Commerce Fireworks Fund: to support the 4th of July fireworks display.
  • Exchange Phoenix Fund: to support the rebuilding of the Exchange.
  • Henigson Funhouse Scholarship: to be used to support college scholarships. Each year, a committee appointed by the Funhouse Commons will select a student from the graduating class of the Orcas Island School District to receive an $8000 scholarship, renewable for three additional years based on student eligibility
  • Island Reproductive Health Initiative (IRHI): supports all medical clinics on Orcas to provide confidential, affordable, reproductive health care for teens and young women in their 20s.
  • Kiwanis: to support Kiwanis Club youth activities.
  • KWAIHT Designated Fund: supports KWAIHT and their mission of science for stewardship.
  • Library Expansion: to be used for the expansion of the physical facilities of the Library.
  • OI Food Bank Fund: to support the Orcas Island Food Bank.
  • OI Garden Club: to support Orcas Island Garden Club activities.
  • OI School District Academic Excellence: to support academic programs in two areas: vocational education, and expanded programming for students who may be on a college track.
  • Olga Park: to provide for the purchase, development, maintenance and expansion of property known as The Olga Park.
  • Orcas Senior Center:  to support the Orcas Senior Center.
  • Maria Massey Memorial Fund: to support theater arts on Orcas.
  • Musical Advocacy Group: to supplement choral and instrumental music programs in the Orcas Public Schools.
  • Partners in Philanthropy FAIT Dental Van: to support focus area granting in the are of dental care.
  • Roach Memorial Youth Fund: to benefit island youth activities.