Why Choose OICF?

Investing in your community

  • Giving through OICF allows you to put your charitable dollars directly to work in the Orcas community.
  • Legacy gifts made to OICF will benefit the community for generations to come.
  • OICF works with you to assess community needs, nurture great opportunities and provide the skills and resources to create lasting solutions.

Cost Effectiveness

  • OICF manages many individual funds and donations, providing service and administration at very low cost.
  • Directing charitable dollars via OICF is more economical than establishing an individual charitable trust or private foundation.
  • Commingling of assets draws on centralized investment knowledge and experience, thereby obtaining economy of scale, larger return, lower fees, a diversified portfolio, and professional management.
  • The impact of the gift is maximized because it is exempt from state and federal transfer taxes.
  • A ready-made administrative structure providing for grantee assessment, grant monitoring and evaluation, and tax reporting.


  • A donor may designate specific organizational recipients or establish named funds.
  • OICF can accept nearly any kind of gift: cash, appreciated stock, life insurance, etc.
  • The foundation has the flexibility of a private foundation without the accompanying complexity and high cost of administration.
  • Peace of mind that gifts will be directed to the most pressing and reasonable needs as time goes on if the donor’s original purpose has become obsolete.


  • Endowing a fund at OICF is a fitting way to memorialize or honor a loved one and create a permanent legacy that will be remembered for generations. Conversely, a donor may remain anonymous if desired.
  • A donor may select a specific fund type from a broad menu which satisfies his or her particular philanthropic objectives, including the establishment of a fund in an individual or family name.

Tax Benefits

  • Gifts and bequests to Orcas Island Community Foundation, a 501 (C) (3) IRS charitable foundation, typically receive the greatest income, gift, and estate tax benefits.
  • Maximum tax deductions are available for charitable contributions without substantial or material restrictions on the use of the gifts.