Profiles in Philanthropy

Bob and Marsha Waunch

Leaders in Philanthropy— Bob and Marsha Waunch

Bob and Marsha Waunch moved to Orcas in 1985 and immediately jumped into community service. They joined the Orcas Island Medical Center Board and, working with Bob Lundeen, coordinated the Fundraising effort that lead to building the Medical Center facility. Marsha recognized the need for animal welfare and began connecting stray animals to veterinary services. Her passion led her on a 10 year quest to build a shelter on Orcas. Bob, a retired airline pilot, offered his plane to neighbors in need, flying to and from the mainland for medical appointments. Eventually, he and other pilots formed the Mercy Flight program. He lent his aviation wisdom to the Air Hawks program as well, which provides scholarships and flight instruction, allowing 22 San Juan County youth to acquire private pilot certificates. He was instrumental in founding the Community Foundation and during his 13 years as a Trustee served in every elected officer position. The Waunches have donated time, treasure, and talent to the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival, the San Juan Preservation Trust, the Funhouse, the public schools and more. Their collaborative efforts have benefited our community in countless ways and OICF honored their leadership in philanthropy in 2009.

Island Treasures— Rachel Adams and Marilyn Anderson

What Rachel and Marilyn especially like about making gifts locally is that they can see immediately the impact of their generosity, and they can see how what they do helps their friends and neighbors.

Rachel’s interest in the natural world has been manifested with service on the board of the San Juan Preservation Trust and service on the steering committee to Save Turtleback Mountain. Orcas Center has also benefited from her commitment to the performing arts as she has served on numerous committees for the Center. Marilyn’s passion is music, an interest nurtured as a child with violin lessons and a stint as camp bugler as a Campfire Girl. She formed Music Advocacy Group to foster musical interest in school children on Orcas Marilyn is also on the board of the Orcas Island Chamber Music Festival.

In addition to the organizations that both volunteer for, they provide financial support for organizations from the Animal Protection Society to the Community Foundation. It is an exception if their names do not appear on a donor list of an Orcas organization. They are island treasures who were honored for their service to the community by the Foundation in 2008.

Community Cornerstones — Bob and Phyllis Henigson

In 2007, Bob and Phyllis Henigson were honored for their Leadership in Philanthropy by the Orcas island Community Foundation. Through the gift of both funds and expertise, they have had a lasting impact throughout the entire community, felt at the schools, the library, our parks and most ever nonprofit on the Island. In accepting this recognition, Bob and Phyllis challenged the Foundation and the community to improve educational opportunities for Orcas children and thus, the Education Initiative was born. Their philanthropic leadership is inspiring and our community is stronger, thanks to their participation. We are honored to have them as neighbors.

Making a Difference — Robert W. Lundeen

The Orcas community has a host of generous, community-minded citizens who have an enduring impact on our quality of life. Among these magnanimous spirits, Bob Lundeen stands out and he was honored for his philanthropic leadership in 2006.
Bob explains his philosophy of philanthropy:

“Our personal and professional successes stand on the foundation of institutions and communities established by previous generations. It is only right that we invest in turn for those who will come after us. There is a profound sense of satisfaction in giving back and making a difference. I call it my ‘psychic reward’.”

His accomplishments include founding OICF and the Medical Center: the Lundeen Room at the Senior Center bears his late wife Betty’s name, and he has devoted significant effort to strengthening our Public Library. Charitable efforts extend beyond Orcas to universities, colleges, and other institutions in ways that will make a difference not only today but in the years to come. In innumerable ways the gifts of Bob and Betty Lundeen enrich our community.