About Us


OICF members march in Orcas Island 4th of July parade.

OICF’s mission is: to foster philanthropy to enhance and preserve the quality of life on Orcas Island. We are not the local chapter of any larger group. We are an Orcas-based public foundation, with all donations specifically directed to benefit the charitable needs of Orcas Island. OICF comes open-handed to the Orcas Island community, with no intention of competing with existing fundraising efforts by other groups. The foundation does not conduct traditional public fundraising events, but instead builds endowment through individual bequests, memorials, and donations from a variety of sources. OICF strives to create an atmosphere where everyone — old groups, new programs, small organizations and big ones — is comfortable approaching OICF. The hope is for islanders to come together in the spirit of building a strong financial base which will enhance the long-term health, stability and diversity of the island community.  Read more in our Sustainability Task Force Report (9-30-2011), a document that addresses five inter-related keys to sustaining and extending OICF’s contributions to the Orcas Island community.

OICF serves Orcas in these ways:

  • as endowment builder and steward,
  • as grant maker and adviser to potential donors and recipients, and
  • as collaborator and leader.

Because OICF does not represent a single point of view, political philosophy, business interest, or issue, it occupies a uniquely neutral position. It can act as a natural convener of divergent interests, moving cooperative and collaborative projects forward. Collaboration is a staple in community foundation programs. The partnership may include private and corporate foundations, businesses, civic groups, nonprofits, and local, state and federal agencies.

OICF provides a central structure for protected, supervised charitable giving and introduces expanded charitable giving options, thereby supplementing and enhancing the efforts of existing island organizations. Because of a donor’s desire to contribute to a professionally managed and administered fund, OICF bolsters the flow of charitable dollars in the community…the charitable “pie” keeps getting bigger!

All OICF Board meetings are open to the public, except where issues of confidentiality require executive session. Public participation is encouraged. All books, records, and minutes are open to review, except for those pertaining to executive session.