About Us


OICF members march in Orcas Island 4th of July parade.

The mission of the Orcas Island Community Foundation is: to foster philanthropy to enhance and preserve the quality of life on Orcas Island. We are an Orcas-based public foundation, with all donations specifically directed to benefit the charitable needs of the island community. OICF is a positive change agent that both provides information about islanders’ needs for all to use and takes a proactive role in addressing those needs. We do this by stewarding our community’s trust and our donors’ wishes, intentions, and investments. We catalyze change through bold leadership, meaningful collaborations, and generosity in order to ensure a strong and vital community.

OICF serves Orcas in these ways:

  • as endowment builder and steward,
  • as grant maker and adviser to potential donors and recipients, and
  • as collaborator and leader.

OICF occupies a unique position, supporting and enhancing the wide variety of programs and initiatives required to maintain a vibrant and vital community. Acting as a natural convener of divergent interests, OICF encourages cooperation and collaboration to move projects forward. Partnerships may include private and corporate foundations, businesses, civic groups, nonprofits, and local, state and federal agencies.
OICF provides a wide variety of fund options for donors and nonprofits, with the added security of an investment team and state of the art technology. Founded in 1995, OICF has facilitated over $10 million in grants to the programs serving Orcas Island and currently ranks 4th in the nation for gift per capita (http://columbussurvey.cfinsights.org/dashboard/tab/top-lists/list/gifts/).
OICF Board meetings are open to the public, except where issues of confidentiality require executive session. Public participation is encouraged. All books, records, and minutes are open to review, except for those pertaining to executive session.